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  • Startup friendly

    Your startup is our startup. That's our approach. Practice has taught us where to cut corners to get things done before that investor meeting. We also know that most fires start in the middle of the night. And we are prepared to put them out.

    Partners, not clients

    Our goal is to build a long term relationship with your company. We do that by leveraging our world-class tech expertise and constant, transparent communication.

    Entrepreneurial approach

    We don't only write code, we solve problems. We bring your ideas to reality and help you validate them. We are agile and focused on the end users' needs. Working with us also means that one of the partners is always directly involved in the project.

    CTO material

    We only work with senior level professionals that have proven themselves in the industry and that have very high work ethics. Within the team, we cultivate an attitude of mutual trust and respect. There is no secret sauce to our results: we just work hard and deliver excellent results.


    All our team members are CTO material!

    Find us all over the world!



    Andrei Ismail

    Software Engineer & Partner

    Bucharest, RO

    Enthusiastic hacker with vast experience in large scale systems and leading fast-paced projects.


    PhD. in Artificial Intelligence with 5+ years startup experience.


    Martial arts and nutrition freak are his middle names.


    Cătălin Andrei

    Software Engineer & Partner

    Washington DC, USA

    Nimble, detail oriented and fast learner professional with full stack software development and leadership experience.


    Lead software teams across the globe and delivered 20+ projects over the course of 12 years.


    Loving dad and a wannabe rock climber.


    Ionuț Prunache

    Software Engineer

    Bucharest, RO

    Ionut is a geek at heart and loves automation.

    Recently he bought a car but not before he had created scripts to monitor prices across all dealers to find the best offers.


    With more than 8 years of experience in large-scale projects, he brings invaluable backend expertise. He's a true perfectionist.


    George Voicu​

    Software & Hardware Engineer

    Delft, NL

    An all-around inquisitive professional who quickly understands the intricacies of large-scale projects and then seeks to provide simple and elegant solutions.


    He's currently pursuing a PhD. in Computer Architecture and energizes himself with long biking and, whenever possible, hiking sessions.


    And if he is not the definition of mens sana in corpore sano... he'll keep doing it anyway.


    Adrian Popa

    Software Engineer

    Bucharest, RO

    Heavily influenced by his martial arts background, his work method can be summed up quite easily: him versus the problem.
    Unlike most software engineers, he likes to wake up before sunrise. It’s not surprising to find him working at 6am. Previously, he wrangled code, people and projects inside one of Romania’s largest banks.
    In his spare time, he learns about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


    Radu Țuțueanu

    Software Engineer

    Grenoble, FR

    Radu has studied Distributed Systems. He has two years of experience working with Linux embedded devices and the software ecosystem that supports them.
    Driven by his passion for biking, he founded a startup that develops a complete and intelligent alarm system for bicycles that employs custom hardware and software.
    You will find Radu tinkering with his Raspberry Pi in his spare time.


    Lavinia Codreși

    Project Manager

    Bucharest, RO

    Lavinia is a cheerful young mom, well organised and highly communicative. Her secret weapon is delivering bad news while making you feel reassured. You can choose between Romanian, English or French to get them.


    She decided to make a bold career move and get into software at a point in her life where most people look for comfort. For the last 9 years, she dealt with executives of large French corporations on behalf of the French Chamber of Commerce in Romania.


    Problem-solver by nature, she is a piano aficionada and believes her money are best spent on travelling and fine food.


    Iosif Nicolae

    Software Engineer

    Ploiești, RO

    What makes Iosif tick is understanding the business need and building products that people love.
    As a child he usually broke his toys to discover what's inside or to make a better version. Nowadays, he’s probably breaking some advanced software libraries systems to understand how those work and reassemble them back into a better version.
    He prefers working harder and crafting simple products with a great user experience.


    Adina Petrean

    Software Engineer

    Cluj, RO

    Quiet, inquisitive and tenacious, Adina has an ability to quickly understand new technologies and systems which help her get up to speed with new projects really fast.


    As a former QA, Adina cares about testing more than most developers.


    She loves visiting new places, long walks with her dogs and, when possible, a combination of the two.


    Horațiu Cristea

    Software Engineer

    Cluj, RO

    Software engineer with over 16 years experience in software design, implementation and product development.


    Curious and open-minded, he has an appetite for start-ups and small companies where the big picture is most dynamic. Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he built his own company and created two software products.


    He spends his "civilian" life as father, husband, amateur chef, gym enthusiast and traveler.


    Ioan Sabău

    Legal Counsel

    Cluj, RO

    You'll be surprised to know that he usually smiles when talking about lawsuits.


    He enjoys untangling legal situations, especially if they are at the intersection of technology and law. He has very high ethical standards and his superpower is solving a sensible issue quietly and efficiently.


    In his spare time, Ioan enjoys volunteering and traveling. Oh, and eating carrots, of course!


    Ali Türünz

    Recruiting & Sales Specialist

    Belgrade, RS

    Ali comes across as thoughtful and calm. Unless you are consistently late in your meetings with him.


    Ali knows more about foreign languages and music than you imagine, and he is an excellent judge of character. When he's not helping us with recruiting or sales, he's teaching foreign languages online.


    He has a PhD in sociology and is the proud father of 2 young boys.


    Douglas Maieski

    Software Engineer

    Porto Alegre, BR

    If Douglas had a middle name, it would be "speed". Pure speed.


    Douglas is a self-taught software engineer from Brazil, who has extensive freelancing experience, and who used to own a business. When he's not helping your startup grow, he's toying around with low-level self-modifying code loaders.


    He has a dog named "fat". He's started to be a morning person since working with us :)


    Vladimir Căruntu

    Software Engineer

    Chișinău, MD

    As a software developer, his most valuable skill is the ability to quickly get accustomed to and proficient with any technology, development environment and other people's source code and bugs.

    A team player, he can easily help others when they get in trouble, even when it's not his main field.


    He spends his free time fishing or reading. Or both at the same time.


    Kinga Neagoe

    Admin Manager

    Sf. Gheorghe, RO

    No matter how stressful the situation, Kinga will always give you the impression that she doesn't break a sweat.


    Kinga used to work for big companies for quite a few years before relocating to a peaceful city, getting married and deciding to oversee all of Vitamin's admin activity. She's passionate about seeing the big picture, and can learn a lot by herself.


    When she's not putting out fires, she's working on the family business, that produces hand painted Buugeng Flows.

    Radu doesn't do average.

    Radu Tudorie

    Creative Director at Maronqua

    Bucharest, RO

    Versatile, visual centric and creative web-designer with a keen eye for detail and a passion for new technologies.

    Radu has been actively designing and developing digital media, apps and websites for the past 10 years.


    While talent plays its part in creation, hard work is what distinguishes it and he knows it.


    If you are looking for average, you will have to look somewhere else.


    Live on 4 continents


    Here's what our friends have to say


    lgniting children's passion for learning

    EducationCurb is a disruptive educational platform that helps children engage learning through gamification.


    They also help institutions track their KPIs according to national standards.

    World class MySQL proxy

    ProxySQL is a high performance proxy on top of MySQL featuring load balancing, caching and traffic routing.


    ProxySQL is way ahead of its competition in terms of how advanced it is.

    Reinventing how the world buys clothes

    Thread was part of YCombinator's summer 2012 batch.


    They are a massive success - a marketplace connecting men to premium clothes by using a team of highly specialized fashion stylists.


    We let the results speak for themselves.


    We're specialists in web-based architecture.


    We partner with you from the initial specs of the system to the delivery and growing phase.

    80 years

    of combined industry experience


    technologies mastered


    projects delivered successfully


    carrots eaten


    servers managed so far


    We're a team of full-stack developers that are product focused.



    HTML & CSS, Javascript (jQuery, React.js, Backbone.js)


    Python, Java, PHP, Node.js


    Amazon Web Services, Docker Cloud, Google Cloud, VPS


    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDB


    We have experience scaling developer teams from zero to tens of people. We know what the right processes are, and how to gradually introduce them in your organization so that they become part of your DNA.


    We understand how good developers think, so we can help you improve your recruiting process by structuring your offer in an attractive way.


    We have been exposed to fundraising and exits on the technical side.


    We know how to present your situation to investors or buyers in a simple and transparent manner. This leads to a faster turn-around of the deal and improved communication.


    The startup world needs more heroes like you.


    You are the backend hero we're looking for.

    Junior Backend Engineer

    Natural-Born Problem Solver​

    You know you’ll fit right in. Because you’re:

    • a fast learner: We routinely pick up new languages or frameworks within a couple of days and deliver value immediately. Just like that time we built a high performance proxy in C++ without prior knowledge in less than a month.
    • committed to hard work: We work hard to make a dent in the universe, so don’t expect relaxed schedules and deadlines.
    • willing to learn business concepts: There’s no business analyst standing between you and the client, so 50% of the work is understanding what the client needs

    So ponder no more, and get in touch. We’ll take it from there.

    Admin Manager


    All-Hands-On-Deck Team Player

    You're fluent in Romanian. It doesn't necessarily need to be your mother tongue. You know you'll like this job if you are:

    • comfortable dealing with finances daily. From paying salaries of team members to negotiating with banks and interacting with the clients' financial departments in order to get paid.
    • able to easily parse new laws that affect our company's operations. You will interact with paid consultants (and you will find them), you will get expert opinions, and we will decide together what's the best way to implement the new law
    • willing to learn new things everyday: not only about what it takes to run a good business but also about a very dynamic industry. You would be in charge of all non-technical issues, starting with financial reporting up to organising the team buildings.
    • proactive: in organising yourself and in identifying internal priorities - asking yourself everyday "what does it take for the business flow not to get stuck?"
    • thorough and ethical: we rely on your informed opinions and research for legal chances, communication with clients and better procedures.
    • willing to travel to Bucharest, RO twice a month for a full day

    It's a challenge, so it's for a smart and resilient one, like you!

    Drop us a line at



    We usually reply faster than a pizza arrives​.


    For emergencies, please call

    +1 480 525 6637

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