A typical Vitamin Client’s Journey.


At the beginning of any relationship, there’s a lot of uncertainty. Fortunately, we’ve done this numerous times already — and can give you a sneak peek of the future.


Our relationship

Delivering value on time is when we feel accomplished.


We Strike a Deal

We’ve noticed that we usually take 6-9 months to begin the working relationship with a client since our first contact.


We Start Work

A Vitamin Project Manager (PM) will be your dedicated point-of-contact. Internally, we form your technical dream team and push our sleeves up. You can expect the technical work to begin in around 4 weeks.


We Achieve Our First Milestone

We expect a significant achievement in the first 3 months of our relationship. Be it an important demo to your stakeholders, or the first money you cashed in from your customers, this is an important validation for us.


We Send You Our First Invoice

Our finance department will be in touch to iron out all the kinks of making sure the first payment goes through.


We Deliver Repeatable Results

We settle into a steady working relationship. You have regular sessions with your PM to establish and monitor priorities, ongoing access to our team on Slack and receive monthly invoices.


We Ship to Production

This is the moment when your customers and your team start depending in an essential way on the automation that we’ve built together. At this key point, our processes and decisions transition toward risk-aversion.


We Monitor Your Product 24/7

We deploy our arsenal of tools to make sure everything is running smoothly at all times. We take full responsibility for the software that we build, and that includes operating it under an SLA.


We Support CS and Sales

As you scale operations, your Customer Service and Sales will need ongoing technical support. Whether it’s fielding questions from your customers, or estimating the cost of building something, we are here to help.


We Liaise With Your Key Partners

As you climb higher up the value chain, you will be interacting with high-value partners. We have experience in these types of relationships, and we know how to negotiate the technical components in your favor. And if you need help during an exit, our management team has been part of several.


We Go Into Maintenance Mode

As the product reaches a stable phase, you may want to focus on other business lines. At this point, we will optimize operating procedures — and give you the necessary headroom to do grow your company even more.


Our average customer engagement lasts for years, and changes alongside your needs. We can be there for you at every step along the way.


At all times, you can expect us to be:


Our belief is that when you train strong technical people to become strong communicators something magical happens.


Even though we're not working in the same office, you need to get used to us replying fast.


We don't let problems pile up. We call them out.


Is your business in need of a Vitamin shot?