Vitamin Software's: The Who


You are entering a manually curated repository of insights on problem solving. Everything you wanted to know about our international full stack development team, their challenges and accomplishments.

And we’re thrilled to have you here!


In the past couple of months, we’ve managed to grow from 2 part-time members to 6 full-time members and others consulting with us from time to time. Our team is our pride, so we invite you to our website’s team page and meet them!

But for those of you who enjoy spoilers, here’s a peek:


Ionuț Prunache

Distinguished backend engineer, scalability specialist and proud father of 2 daughters. Superpower: building reliable, well-thought software.

Vladimir Căruntu

Formerly the Moldavian team leader of an Italian company. He loves good wine. Superpower: extremely quick learner.

George Voicu

PhD in hardware from the Netherlands, loves to tinker with our clients’ systems, where he can find even the smallest bug. Superpower: incredible note-taking.

Radu Tudorie

The creator of Maronqua — the most incredible design agency you’ve ever met. Did I mention they have a dog as part of their team. Superpower: making creative work predictable.

Bogdan Ungureanu

From Maronqua — an architect by training, his creative juices flow into tens of design iterations on your product. Superpower: drawing cartoons.

Marius Klimowicz

From Maronqua — a copywriter in love with Shakespeare that plans to travel the world some day. Superpower: loving your product more than he loves us.

Radu Țuțueanu

A software engineer from Denmark who loves hardware — he previously worked on an intelligent bike alarm. Superpower: thinking like your users.

Cătălin Andrei

Half of our partners — a programmer, obsessed by even the smallest imperfection, that grew into the CTO role of an international organization. Superpower: investing time and energy in people.

Andrei Ismail

The other half of our partners — a programmer with a PhD in AI that fell in love with startups and just couldn’t stop. Superpower: putting out fires.


Now that we’ve covered the who, next time we’ll start telling the story of what.

See you soon!