Across four continents, people trust us.


We discovered that the most important tool to gain trust is to go back to the basics, understand how to serve the business needs with technology, and execute fast and (sic) furiously.


Amplicare →

New York, USA

Amplicare aimed to create a product that could seamlessly integrate into client (pharmacists) daily workflows, through notifications. We explored integration opportunities with pharmacy vendors and took the product from inception phase to production. It is now operating across thousands of pharmacies across the US.



Washington DC, USA

FRAYM discovered that some of its data offerings across multiple clients can be turned into a SaaS GIS tool, allowing users to overlay meaningful economic data on a map. We assisted with build-outs of initial product versions and with mentoring the internal technical team responsible for long-term product maintenance.



Washington DC, USA

Over the past 20 years, IFPRI has used DREAM, a well-designed but outdated and patched software used by researchers around the world. Within months of collaborative work, Vitamin Software delivered DREAMpy, a modern user-friendly version of DREAM written in Python. Vitamin also provided complete software documentation, including the mathematical model, as well as automated tests.


LoyalSnap →

New York, USA

Loyalsnap is an automated marketing solution for fitness studios. We have worked with Loyalsnap ever since they had a handful of client studios. We oversaw technical infrastructure growth that now serves over 1,000 studios, including enterprise deals. We have been actively involved in Loyalsnap’s CTO recruitment process, and have been the liaison with some of their key partners, such as Mindbody.

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SquashSkills →

Bristol, UK

SquashSkills needed to break out of a vendor lock-in. We managed to successfully untangle the situation without even a minute of downtime. We next supported the marketing initiatives and measured conversion funnels in order to drive better business decisions.

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Thread →

London, UK

Thread needed to solve two classic retail problems: sourcing of inventory via scraping or integrating with data feeds, and shopping inventory via automated robots. We built intelligent robots that optimize delivery times, minimize shipping costs, and can interact with the operations team.

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