Time is money. Stop giving it away for free.


Vitamin Software presents:

The Time Recapture Tool


The Problems

Hourly billers lose revenue from client interactions

  • Interactions are chaotic

  • It’s hard to remember what you did exactly and when

  • Even a small message can round up to .1 hours billed

It’s hard to defend timesheets

  • In case of a client complaint, one needs to go back and carefully examine what was being done and when

  • Digital traces are hard to collect and to correlate with the timesheet


The Solution

Our tool reports lost revenue (from client interactions) for the last 30 days and offers a convenient way to fix it.


In a separate screen, this is how time can be recaptured:


How does it work?

  1. Our software connects to your data sources and extracts meta-data from them. Examples of sources: e-mails, phone records, chat conversations.

  2. Our software connects to your timesheets and extracts meta-data from them.

  3. Our matching engine identifies lost revenue opportunities, estimating the lost revenue for each of them.

  4. Report is available for staff to action (pick up lost revenue) at any point in time.


How well does it work?

Improved billables of Vitamin Software with 5% (despite us being very disciplined with time tracking). This was all profit.

How long does it take to use the tool? Approximately 15 minutes for recapturing 150 minutes of lost work per week (after the short initial training).

There is a report for how much the team is using the software, and which members are recapturing the most time or generating the biggest losses.

How does the tool avoid being nagging? It’s a report that you can access and action on your own terms, whenever you have time.


What is required to sign up?

  1. Sign NDA with Vitamin Software for enabling us access to your data

  2. Enable access to the data sources:

    • Timesheets

    • Digital traces (chat systems, relevant e-mails, phone records)

  3. Vitamin Software to setup data ingestion process

  4. One month free trial

  5. Price: 10% of estimated value of recaptured time

    • For example, recapturing $5000 would cost $500

    • If the tool doesn’t generate any value, we don’t charge anything

    • On-prem setup available for an extra fee


Ready to recapture your profit?